Evareium: The World's Digital Real Estate Token

Posted: Sun, 29 April 2018
Evareium: The World's Digital Real Estate Token
We are proud to support our BRAVE client, Evareium – a digital realty investment initiative, that leverages blockchain to reinvent real estate’s future. Behind this revolutionary platform stands a groundbreaking company—Evarei Management LLC. Based in UAE, Evarei is a realty asset and management advisory firm that has an exceptional track record of setting up and managing private equity funds and real estate investment trusts.
By using blockchain technology and its other core components, Evarei has successfully developed Evareium. As Dubai leads the way with blockchain integration within its governmental ecosystem, is targeted to those consumers who are aware of this new technology’s potential. Therefore, this ecosystem will be providing fresh ways for all those who look forward to digitally investing in real estate.
Evareium has already announced the appointment of Kinetrix Consulting, a Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) advisory firm, to be its lead risk management and corporate governance advisor for the Evareium international real estate fund. In addition, it has also announced the appointment of Safa Capital, a Dubai Financial Service Authority (DFSA) regulated financial advisory firm in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), to be its lead advisor and arranger for the Evareium international real estate fund and initial token offering (ITO).
Posted by Florence Janin